After you have been together for a while you start to get too comfortable and it may feel like there is no need to keep the romance alive.

Here are 7 ways you can bring the romance back into your relationship:

All too frequently, we find ourselves in a relationship that was full of passion and fire but now you may take one another for granted. Our great love affairs tend to fail because we stop being spontaneous, and start settling into a routine. Regardless of how well-intentioned you might be, you may find it hard to find new ways to reveal your love and show just how much you really adore them.

It is often the small signs of affection and love that appears to fall to the wayside. You no longer whisper sweet nothings in their ear, your dinners consist more of something quickly thrown together or even take out.

It Starts With the Small Things

Island vacations and five star dinners are definitely romantic, but it’s the little gestures that keep your connection strong over the years and feed a relationship. Whether it is making coffee for your partner or getting the car started on a cold winter’s morning, the little gestures show that you truly care.

Use Your Words

Too frequently we rely on technology to speak with our partners and we do not take the time to write a letter or poem. Just think about how special they will feel when they receive something written from you that truly expresses how you feel about them.


Nag Less, Flirt More

It’s one that is bound to add up to more romance and a straightforward equation. It may be annoying your partner drips water on the restroom floor or that he always leaves the light on, but nagging about small things such as this is usually ineffective and only functions to chip away at your romantic connection.

Add Some Lingerie

It doesn’t matter whether your love handles is as many as your fingers, lingerie is the way to go when you want sizzle instead of fizzle. The brain is excited by it. Some prefer tattered t-shirt and boxers or even birthday suit, though. Pick whatever works for you. So be it if it takes a pair of boxers or a pair of red stilettos!

Be Incredibly Indulgent for One Night

Let’s say you thought of a date night, you’re thinking a movie and also a dinner, which is fine. Rather than going to the usual haunts, go all out for one evening. Try going to a swank restaurant where you have to dress up and instead of just a movie at home, purchase tickets for a show at the theater.

These luxurious dates are a pleasant way to shower yourselves in decadence and give each other an opportunity to appreciate the experience together.

Always Remember the Excitement

Think about what gave you butterflies in your early days of relationship: Then find ways to bring them back, whether it was spontaneous sex before work in the morning or steamy date nights at out-of-the way restaurants. It’s time to start doing it again.

Finally, Skip The Take-Out

Nothing says you care less than ordering take out. Surprise your partner with a home-cooked meal from time to time. It feels so pleasant to come home to the smell of your favorite recipe, a rip off from a cookbook or even a brand new concoction that someone discovered from Mount Tralala.


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