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If you suspect that your husband or boyfriend is cheating, you will want to look for signs that your suspicions are true. After all, you don’t want to accuse him of seeing another person if he’s faithful to you. That could cause serious damage to your relationship.

In most cases, there are ways you can determine if your man is cheating. Look for these signs on how to tell if you’re boyfriend or husband is cheating.

Some stats about infidelity:

#1 He Makes Sudden Changes to His Appearance

Let’s face it, most guys settle into a routine when they get into a long-term relationship. That often means that he will stick to the same hairstyle and wear the same clothes. He isn’t greatly concerned about his appearance because he isn’t trying to attract other women.

If your man suddenly finds a renewed interest in how he looks, then there is a chance that he is pursuing or dating another woman. This is especially true if he doesn’t seem to care whether you notice the changes. If he doesn’t care, then it isn’t for you. You have to wonder who he is trying to look good for.

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#2 He Doesn’t Answer His Phone

Today’s cell phones and smartphones make it easy for couples to stay in touch throughout the day. That doesn’t mean your boyfriend or husband can always answer. Some times, he’s in a meeting or driving a car in rush hour traffic. Most of the time, though, he should pick up or at least return your call within a few minutes.

When he doesn’t respond, it starts to look a little strange. What is he doing that prevents him from calling you back? In some cases, he’s seeing another woman. He doesn’t want to return your call because he doesn’t want her to know that he is in a committed relationship.

#3 He Keeps His Messages Secret

Few men (or women) want to share their personal texts, emails, and Facebook messages with other people. It just feels intrusive and unnecessary. No one wants to feel like another person is watching over their shoulder or trying to catch them doing something wrong, especially when they are remaining faithful.

At the same time, there aren’t many people who try to keep their messages secret. There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy.

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#4 He Suddenly Seems Nicer Than Usual

Cheating can make anyone feel guilty. To counter those feelings, he might suddenly start to treat you better than ever. If he’s making you dinner, bringing home surprise gifts, and paying you lots of compliments, you have to wonder why his behaviors have changed.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is cheating. He could just be trying to rekindle your romance. Still, it looks suspicious, so you may want to take a closer look at his life to see what’s really going on.

#5 You’ve Become Little More Than Roommates

Relationships usually have their ups and downs. That’s normal. It’s not normal, though, for you and your man to become little more than roommates. When that happens, it’s a sign that something is wrong. It may not be that he is cheating. Perhaps you need to work on other issues in your relationship. If you don’t see any problems, though, it could indicate that he is indulging his romantic side with another woman.

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#6 He Isn’t Interested in Sex

How many men will willingly go without sex for weeks or months at a time? It’s typical for couples to make love less often once they enter long-term relationships. But you know something else is going on if he simply doesn’t seem interested.

If he isn’t having sex with you, then he’s probably doing it with someone else.

#7 He Tries to Pick Fights or Gets Mad Easily

Most guys don’t want to fight with their wives or girlfriends. They would rather take an easy approach that doesn’t stir up a lot of arguments. That doesn’t mean you’ll never have arguments with him, but in most cases you should be able to tell that he’d rather spend time in a different way.

Things can change differently when he’s cheating on you. Suddenly, he might start to pick fights or take offense to things that wouldn’t normally upset him.

Why does this happen? There are several potential reasons. For one thing, he may simply be looking for reasons to justify his behavior. If he is having problems in his relationship, then he can tell himself that those problems are causing him to cheat. It’s a poor excuse, but it might be all he needs to justify it to himself.

It’s also possible that he’s looking for reasons to leave the house so he can go spend time with other women. This is most likely if he reacts to arguments by storming out.

#8 He Doesn’t Have Any Money

Your man has a full-time job. Until recently, he always had plenty of money to not only cover the bills but to take you to nice places. For some reasons, though, he doesn’t seem to have any money now for even the simplest dates. You might as well forget about going to a fancy restaurant or taking a vacation.

What happened to all of his money?

There are a lot of potential answers to this. Unless he’s saving for a wedding ring, though, few of them are good.

If he’s cheating on you, then chances are that he’s spending his extra cash on another woman. All of the money that he used to spend on you is now going to another person, who is also probably enjoying a lot of his free time, too.

#9 He Hides His Credit Card Statement

Dating costs money. Even trying to hook up with women usually leaves some kind of financial trail. It’s like he can sign up for Ashley Madison without giving the site his credit card information.

If he is doing something that he doesn’t want you to know about, then he will hide his credit card statements from you. He may even act nervous when statements arrive in the mail.


#10 He Goes A Lot More Than Usual

Single men tend to go out a lot because they’re looking for women. There’s no big surprise there, right!

Even after men settle down and devote themselves to committed relationships, they will go out every now and then. It’s a good way for them to maintain relationships with their friends. By giving him a little space, you’re making it easier for him to enjoy his time with you without worrying that he’s slowly losing his friends.

The amount of time that a guy spends with his male friends, however, isn’t great. A few hours at most is good for most of them.

This makes it questionable when your guy suddenly decides that he needs to go out more than once a week. You know that his friends aren’t hanging out that much. Most of them have wives and girlfriends, too.

If your husband or boyfriend has recently decided that he wants to go out more than once a week, then there is a good chance that he’s hiding something. Either he has already found another woman or he’s on the prowl.

#11 He Follows a Lot of Attractive Women Online

Men don’t necessarily have to leave the house to meet women these days. They can do it from any computer. That means he could look for a new love interest while he’s sitting right next to you on the couch.

If you suspect that he’s doing something untoward, then you should look at his social media accounts to see who he’s following. Is he making a lot of comments on profiles owned by other women? Are they playful, flirty comments? Does he follow a lot of sexy women in your area?

These are all signs that he is either hooking up with someone else or that he’s looking to.

You’d think that men would be smarter than this, right? Well, they’re not. Just look at how many influential men have been ruined by sending nude photos to women who aren’t their wives. If a powerful politician is that dumb, then you know your guy is, too.


#12 He Suddenly Seems a Lot More Experienced in Bed

Your husband or boyfriend probably has a few staple moves in the bedroom. You may have even coached him to do certain things when you want them. That’s part of building a sexual relationship that leaves both people satisfied.

So, how do you explain those new moves that he’s been showing off lately? They certainly aren’t things that you’ve requested in the past.

It’s possible that he has been getting ideas from another woman who has different tastes than you. If he comes home with some new moves in the bedroom, you have to wonder what gave him those ideas. It’s certainly worth talking to him about.


Hopefully your man isn’t cheating on you. There is always a chance that there is something else going on in his life. Often, though, these are signs that he’s unfaithful.

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