If you have your eye on a guy or maybe you’re wondering “is my friend interested in me?”, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the surefire signs he likes you. No matter your age, meeting a new guy is exciting and, at times, confusing. It’s helpful to know what to look for so you can put your mind at ease.

His Body Language Gives Him Away

No matter how sleek a guy is, his body language may tell another tale. If he’s interested in you, he may mirror your actions, like crossing his arms in front of him or touching his hair after you do. When a person mimics your body language, it’s because they’re trying to connect with you.

It also means that they’re so focused on you they see what you’re doing with your own body language. Other body language cues that will tell you he’s into you include eye contact, leaning in when talking and pointing his feet in your direction. Remember that eye contact may not mean that you’re both looking at each other, but that he’s sort of staring at you while you do other things in the same room. Also, see if he looks at you for your reaction after he does or says something funny or if he “accidentally” (or even purposely) touches you while speaking to you.

He Remembers What You Say

A guy who likes you will listen to what you say and remember even the finer details. While this will allow him to stay in a conversation with you in the moment, he may also bring up some of those details at later times, like the next time you see him.

When a guy likes you, he can’t get enough and he wants to know everything possible about you. Even insignificant stories are memorable to him because he has a genuine interest in you. You may even start to notice that some of the things you’ve mentioned that you’re interested start popping up in conversation. If he takes an interest in your hobbies, even if he has no experience with them, he’s trying to find a new way to connect with you. He may even be trying to figure out different ways that you can spend time together.


He Treats You Differently

If you’re hanging out with a guy in a group and he seems to be giving you more attention than he gives everyone else, odds are that he likes you. You may notice that he’s protective of you, that he quiets down when you’re speaking or that he always wants to be near you when there’s a seating arrangement. He may even be a bit more affectionate than usual, like finding reasons to touch your hands or putting his arm around the back of your chair. He’ll also look at you as you talk to other people or walk away to leave the room for a few minutes.

If he seems to be paying extra attention to you, you can bet your bottom dollar that he likes you. Also keep in mind that that extra attention may be in the form of teasing. While not always smooth, guys often poke fun at the girl they have a crush on, even when they’re older and not just teens anymore.

His Friends Tease Him About His Crush

A guy who’s interested in a girl may mention it to his buddies or his friends may simply pick up on in on their own. Pay attention to how the guys act when you’re around. Do they seem to be talking him up to you in order to impress you? Are they poking fun at him or making subtle jokes about his interest in you? Also pay attention to how the guy acts when he’s around his friends. Does he still pay you some extra attention or does he start to ignore you when he’s in a crowd? If he’s straightforward about his interest in you even when he’s in front of his friends, he definitely likes you.


He Compliments You

Guys who aren’t interested in girls make sure to not lead the girl on. If a guy compliments you, it’s because he likes you, no question about it. Complimenting a girl, especially on her appearance, is one of the biggest telltale signs he likes you. When a guy likes you, he’ll pay attention to what you look like and he’ll be sure to let you know that he likes what he sees. Compliments are a way of telling you that you’re being noticed and they’re also a way to make you feel good about yourself.

He Asks If You’re Single

When a guy asks about your relationship status, it’s most likely because he’s interested. This is especially true if he asks point blank if you’re single. However, keep in mind that if a guy friend of yours is asking about your relationship status, he may just be trying to find out what’s new in your life.

There are exceptions, though, and sometimes even good friends want to get closer, and their first step will be to find out your current romantic status. For the most part, when a guy asks about your single or taken status, it’s because they’re trying to figure out how much of a chance they have with you. Plus, guys tend to only ask this if they’re looking for something on the serious side instead of just a fun fling.

He Asks You Out

When a guy likes you, he’ll let it be known. If he wants to spend time with you, he’ll ask for that time. Asking a girl out may not be the easiest thing to do – many guys get nervous when it comes time to ask for a date – but if he’s asking to spend time with you, it’s because he likes you. Plus, a guy that can ask a girl out is confident, which is an incredibly attractive trait.

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