In this day and age it can be hard to tell if you’re in a serious relationship or a regular fling. Many people have now turned to Tinder style hook-ups, and even have side-chicks or side-dudes.

How do you know if you’re in a serious relationship and if you’re partner is invested as you, or if it’s going nowhere fast?

Not every serious couple is living together, but there are ways to tell if he’s in for the long haul before actually asking for that spare key. These 10 sure signs you’re in a serious relationship will let you know if you’re headed toward marriage, or just having fun.

#1. He Doesn’t Hide You From Social Media

The easiest way to tell if you’re the trophy catch, or just a side-chick, is if he’s hiding you in public. You may think it would be obvious, but guys can be pretty stealthy when hiding a date. Does he upload pictures of both of you on Facebook and Instagram? Is he hiding his face?

Check to see if he has multiple Instagram accounts, one where he tags you and follows strangers, and one where he follows close friend and family, but not you.

#2. He Introduces You to His Crew


Have you met his parents of just some random friends? If it’s serious he will be looking forward to showing you off to close friends, and getting his parents approval of you. Don’t accept excuses for his parents not being able to meet, if it’s been more than a couple of months and you haven’t shaken hands with his inner circle, he might not be as invested as you are.

#3. You Spend Lots of Time Together


You can determine if your significant other a weekend warrior, fair weather friend, or dedicated life partner simply by seeing how much time you spend together. Most serious relationships take hours of communication each day.

If he’s only spending time with you on weekends, he might be seeing someone else throughout the week. Try to schedule a date with him on a day you don’t usually hang out, his reaction will tell the whole story.

#4. You’re Comfortable Around Them, Physically, as in Bodily Functions..


If you’re still going outside to check the mail or running to the bathroom to pass some minor gas, then you might not be in the most serious relationship. Couples who are life-partners will at least occasionally burp and pass gas in front of each other, without shame. If you’re leaving the bathroom door ajar, or even wide open, to use the john, then rest assure you’re in a serious relationship.

#5. He Calls and Writes You For No Reason


When’s the last time your partner thought of you randomly throughout the day and gave you a call just to check in? If all of your interactions seem scheduled, you might question his sincerity.

If he takes it upon his own to write you a love letter, more than month into the relationship, he really cares about you and things are serious.

If he sends you flowers and it’s not even a holiday, you might wanna start saving your movie stub tickets for that post-wedding scrapbook, because he is serious!

#6. You’ve Seen Triple-Chin Close Up Front Camera Pics


If you’ve seen or sent those head-back, triple-chin snaps and front-camera selfies, that’s one of the sure signs you’re in a serious relationship. Only the best friends get these snaps, while it’s high angle, good-lighting portraits for the rest of the world. If he wouldn’t post it on social media, he trusts you not too as well.

Don’t forget to see just how much he trusts you by saving one these snaps, if he doesn’t get made and just thinks it’s cute that he could make you laugh, you’ve got a long-term winner.

#7. You Have an Open Closet, or Shared Belongings Policy


If you can grab his t-shirt and wear it anywhere, he’s committed. Guys love their t-shirts and hold on to them forever, guarding them from the dangers of the world. If he lets you borrow it anytime, no complaints, he’s thinking you’re a keeper. If you share other things like food, laptops, or even a vehicle then don’t question it, you’re in a serious relationship. Many couples won’t even share fries over at a burger joint meal.

Couples in very serious relationships often give each other spare keys, or at least have a drawer at each other’s houses, instead of always packing an overnight bag.

#8. He Gives You That One Curly Fry in His Order of Regular Fries

This doesn’t just apply to special fries, but if he’s saving the best bite of everything for you, it’s probably love. Going out for Ice Cream? Put your man to the test and ask for a bite of his cone when he’s nearly finished, see if he gives you that super chocolatey last bite.

Couples who can’t share food, or partners who are stingy with the best meals don’t have much of a romantic future. Hopefully after a few weeks you’re even buying grocery items you know the other will like.

#9. You’ve Seen Each Other at Your Worst


If he’s held your hair back while you puked from the flu, or you’ve had to inspect that odd rash on his back, you’ve got a serious relationship on your hands. New couples usually hide these somewhat embarrassing facts, while serious partners have no shame in the ‘unsightly’ game.

If you’ve been together 2 months or more, and you can’t even see him without putting your makeup on first, are you sure he’s the one?

#10. You Can Read Each Other’s Minds


Are you finishing each other’s.. sentences? Do you regularly speak at the same time, saying the exact same thing?

Couples who have passed the introductory, puppy love stage often find themselves mentally in sync. It’s like you’re on the same brain wave, knowing exactly what the other is about to order at a restaurant or complain about during a movie.

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