Has your partner been acting strange lately? You could ask them or you could try this new “Smarttress” designed to tell you when your partner is having sex with someone that isn’t you.

Smarttress was created by Durmet, a Spanish mattress company that was inspired by the fact that Madrid has the highest number of cheating spouses in Europe. It features 24 sensors within the springs, which the company calls the “Lover Detection System.”

How does it work you ask?

Durmet explains that there are sensors within the mattress that once “receiving” pressure begin to make a 3D map of the bed.


These maps are shared via a smartphone app (downloadable now on Android, coming soon to iOS) to tell you about impacts per minute, frequency, time of use, duration, speed and other data. It will send the alert when it detects what it considers suspicious movement.

“You can’t imagine the tests we have done to make sure the system works correctly,” Durmet said in a press release.

Durmet says the bed is as comfortable as any other mattress, whether you’re sleeping or your loved one is loving someone else.

The mattress will start at €1,500 ($1,699); an official release date has not been announced yet, but reports have suggested that the mattress will be available globally.

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