You may have heard how great dark chocolate is. I mean, how great is it to be told your favourite sweet and indulgent treat is actually helping you stay healthy? But does dark chocolate live up to all the hype? Is there some truth to it? Thankfully, it does.


So What Does This All Mean?

Packed with antioxidants, this bitter-sweet chocolate lowers the risk of heart disease drastically, as well as slowing the signs of ageing significantly. LBS (Low Blood Sugar) can be controlled by little bits of dark chocolate daily, at the same time lowering your blood pressure.

People who eat more dark chocolate than milk chocolate were found to have a much lower chance of getting diabetes, because of the large reduction in sugar.
Cacao (not to be mistaken with cocoa which is found in most milk chocolates) is a raw superfood and is the magic behind dark chocolate. It encourages weight loss and boosts your mood whereas cocoa does the opposite exactly.

Cacao is not only packed with minerals and nutrients but is also an aphrodisiac (perfect for your lover on Valentines day), and an instant headache cure. It enhances moods significantly and improves brain activity, so it’s a clever idea to munch on a bit of dark chocolate when at work or on those blue days.


For woman menstruating, dark chocolate helps to ease cramps and settle mood swings quickly, so you have a simple excuse to snack on your favourite treat for an entire week while knowing you’re losing weight and improving many vital organs functions.