Weight is a problem for most of us, whether it’s putting on weight or losing it, most of us are constantly struggling for our “ideal bodies”.

Weight loss in particular can be a headache, because it’s hard to find a doable routine or cost efficient food that actually works. Diets, detoxes and commercially sold shakes sometimes do not work and can be potentially harmful to our health, and our wallets.

Most of us thing healthy weight loss recipes are usually consist of bland tasteless food…

That’s not the case!

A few simple, cost efficient foods will actually surprise you with their amazing weight-loss properties.

Let’s have a look at what they are;


1: Grapefruit; this delicious, refreshing citrus fruit is your best friend when it comes to losing those extra pounds. Grapefruit burns calories more than any other fruit on the planet and tastes amazing too, working even better than lemon water! Plus, I’m sure a sweet grapefruit would be a preferred breakfast choice any day. And a bonus? It clears skin perfectly and quickly!

2: Banana; this yummy low GI fruit is not only added to fruit salads and smoothies for the flavor, but because of its weight loss properties. It’s packed with nutrients and vitamins, and is highly filling, so you can feel satisfied for less, and your energy will last all day!

3: Salmon; everyone needs a bit of fish every now and then, so it helps when the fish you’re eating is calorie free! Salmon is an excellent food choice if you’re looking to lose pounds but stay healthy, as it’s packed with minerals and Omega 3 for proper brain activity. It also provides collagen for healthy skin as well as many other health benefits.


4: Chicken; if the skin is removed, chicken can be a very lean meat, containing only 11% calories and lowering cholesterol with every intake. It also contains selenium, which boosts your immune system and makes for a brilliant meal if you’re feeling down and out.

5: Oats; you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not just for energy and nutrition. While your friends are all scarfing down bacon, eggs and sausages and packing on the pounds, opt rather for a healthy oatmeal breakfast that can taste just as good with some berries and honey, and your waistline will be smaller within days.

6: Tomato; these juicy red fruits are not only packed with cancer fighting properties, but also calorie burning nutrients that will help you lighten the scale.

7: Cucumber; it’s been scientifically proven that fruits and veg with a high water content help stave off unwanted fat deposits, they make us feel satisfied and thus we eat less, so it’s no wonder cucumbers are high on the list of fat burning super foods.


8: Blueberries; don’t be fooled by the size of these little berries, they’re so full of antioxidants and vitamins that just half a cup will set you for a week, and the more you eat, the more you lose!


Hopefully his gives you an idea of what kind of foods you should be incorporating into your diet to plan to help you lose weight. Food doesn’t have to be bland to be healthy, it can still taste great!

When trying to lose weight always remember you will have to track your calories.