Millions of people travel to different states and places all over the planet every year. It can cause some disappointment for all those flyers which don’t plan properly in advance. Here are a few tips to follow before you leave, that way you can truly have a worry-free air travel experience.

1. You should choose your flight seating as soon as possible. The sooner you pick your seat, the more chairs alternatives you could have to choose from. Those with handicaps should decide their seat at least 24 hours in advance.

2. You should check-in online and print out your boarding pass beforehand. As long as you are not checking bags, you’ll have the ability to get around the check-in line and go right to the security point.

3. If you have an early or late flight, you should think about making airport parking reservations for security and benefit, or establish to have someone drive you if you are not driving yourself.


4. Packing, when it’s done the correct manner, you can absolutely reduce the amount of tension and pressure that comes with traveling or flying. Make sure to truly have a checklist of must haves which you will want so that you don’t leave behind any relevant things. Pack light and only bring the things you really want.

5. You need to stay informed on TSA guidelines. Make sure that you check them out right before you pack. While the rules are strict, it is crucial to obey them. Following to them can save you time when going through the airport security.

6. You should pack your own toiletries to keep from having to buy high-priced things from the airport. Be sure liquids are small enough to put in carry on bag, or you also can put them in your checked luggage.

7. Never put your license or money in your bag. You’ll need to provide your ID to airport security, and you will need to have your wallet easy for practically any bag fees.


8. If you bring a laptop, make sure to pack it in a way so that you could take it out of your luggage when going through airport security, where it’s just accessible.

9. Always remember to label all your bags, and be sure to put your contact information on the tags so that someone can call you in case your bags are stolen or misplaced.

10. Always keep your mobile charger in your carry on bag in order you could certainly get and charge your phone in the event of a delayed or canceled flight.

11. Take advantage of any free checked bags you could get. Consider checking any more heavy baggage to refrain from having to transfer them yourself through the airport for those who have a long stopover.

Recall, air travel doesn’t have to be a chilling, use these hints to make your journey more enjoyable and memorable.